REGULAR OLD Facts About Me

My name is Alan Small, and I am a Science teacher and author from Texas. My parents signed me up for my first science classes when I was three years old, and I have been exploring ever since!  I have written several children’s books about science, and I LOVE delivering hands on Science labs to students who have read them.  But only real science. Not worksheets, crafts, or research projects. (Art teachers and Language Arts classes can handle those.) I want the wiggly, tasty, gritty, stinky, shiny, fizzy, and zippy parts of a REAL science lab!  I’ve delivered REAL SCIENCE to over 100 schools and camps, and I would love to come visit you!

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ALAN SMALL's (                       )Science labs and Reading experiences:


  • In college I swam in a lake filled with piranhas in the South American rainforest. Then I went fishing, caught one, and ate him for dinner!
  • Once, during a big fundraiser, I accidentally shocked a billionaire with 400,000 volts. He lived.
  • The biggest wedgie of my life came from parachuting out of a plane in Texas.
  • Sometimes I use bugs to clean skeletons. I’ve also used a microwave because it’s faster.
  • I have touched the Liberty Bell. The real one.
  • I heart roadkill, and I eat bugs.  Not at the same time though.


Weird Facts About Me

​Mallory W., 2nd grade teacher:
Thank you so much to @TheFort_FW for an awesome rock presentation!
One of my students said it was the most exciting day of her life! Mr. Small was GREAT working with and managing our students!

Katherine G., Kindergarten teacher:
“My students loved this presentation and hung on Mr. Small’s every word!  It’s not a small task to have almost 50 small humans engaged and excited about learning the content for an entire lesson, but he did it!  Now they can’t stop talking about rocks. We can’t wait to have him back!”

Stephanie B., 2nd grade teacher:
Super excited to learn all about rocks today! Thanks @TheFort_FW for sharing your book, we loved it!

John Ramos., Superintendent of Schools:
Awesome job @TheFort_FW! Keep up the great work.

Jacob Chastain, host of the Teach Me Teacher Podcast:
“After talking with Alan Small at length on Teach Me, Teacher, I quickly realized that his work is important and needs to be devoured and shared in the educational community. Not only is his voice kind and understanding, but he fundamentally "gets" what it means to be an educator in today's world, and how to engage students”.

Lynne J., Special Education Director:
Thank you @TheFort_FW for making learning so exciting!

Michelle S., Elementary Principal:
Thanks @TheFort_FW for working with our staff! This was so fun. Love that this is a “medium” to teach so many things!

Bethany L. 2nd Grade Teacher
Mr. Small’s book was fun and enjoyable for the students.  It provided many discussion points and teachable moments!

Gayla S., Special Education Teacher:
Glad to have you back!! Your lessons were perfect for our kiddos!

Sal L., At Risk Student Coordinator, Cofounder of Mentors Providing Hope
@TheFort_FW I love seeing your work!

Shannon F., Kindergarten Teacher:
Mr. Small ROCKS!

Melissa B., Pre-kindergarten Bilingual Teacher
Mr Small @TheFort_FW. Thank you so much. Our kiddos loved it!!!

Kara D., Pre-kindergarten Special Education Teacher:
...an awesome and engaging STREAM lesson for our pre k friends!

Lyza B., 2nd grade Teacher:
Thank you @TheFort_FW ! We loved learning all about rocks!

Monica P., Middle School Science Teacher:
Engineering challenges with @TheFort_FW really made us think….Thank you for inspiring.

Leslie H., Middle School Science Teacher:
Love Alan @TheFort_FW and all he brings to science educators!

Brandy J., Educator Alief ISD:
We enjoyed rescuing divers with @TheFort_FW it was super fun for our teachers.

Doeni O., Middle School Librarian:
awesome fun & learning thnx @TheFort_FW !

Nikki M., Elementary Science Coordinator:
Loved the learning curve experience. Already seeing ideas for class use!


I grew up in Fort Worth Texas, and started taking Science Classes at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History when I was three years old.  I took classes there until I was fourteen, then the museum hired me to work as an assistant teacher! I worked there for 15 years learning how to hunt bugs, catch lizards, feed snakes, make liquid nitrogen ice cream, lick dinosaur bones, and dissect dead cars. My best discovery at the museum was when I met the real Jessie Marie, and we fell in love. We are now married and we have four fabulous scientists of our own:

Benny the Biologist catches snakes faster than anybody else in the family. He also loves adding to the leaf and rock collection under his bed.

Mary the Maker takes apart computers and blow dryers, and uses the pieces to design sculptures. The sculptures nearly always involve glitter,

Jackosaurus Rex loves hunting fossils, and is always the first one into the creek or up the rock wall to find the ammonites, clams, and urchins in our area. He is the only one of my kids to have found a real shark tooth fossil.

Sarah Grace Super Geek loves geeking out with sounds.  (maybe she got it from her mom’s noisy museum!) She thinks different sounds are hilarious (especially toots and burps), and she has the odd super power of noticing tiny sounds that nobody else notices right away.

I have taught Science classes to explorers from
all levels from pre-kindergarten through adult, and I regularly lead
professional development for teachers looking for ways to add real science into
their classrooms!  Sometimes I do interviews!