Jessie Marie worked at a museum. 

She loved helping guests whenever she'd see them!​

When Jessie Marie shows off her museum's bugs, snakes and science ice cream, things can get loud!  When the happy science gets TOO loud, Jessie Marie must figure out how to take care of herself AND her guests at the same time!  #NoisyMuseum

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The strategies and techniques in The Science Club Handbook provide a complete blueprint to help you immediately begin a Science Club that brings fulfillment back to the classroom for both teachers and students.  It is a must-read for:

Teachers who want to ignite passions for Science
Librarians interested in providing concrete experiences for learners
Administrators hunting for strategies to improve achievement and engagement
Informal Science Educators who need a framework to present the treasures in their content area

Ready to enjoy Science again? IT'S TIME TO JOIN THE CLUB!​

Benny and the Big Bug Box

Coming Summer 2020! 

Did you know that this story was discovered in mud?

One cool Fall, I was on a hunting trip in East Texas, and I found a quiet spot to sit all by myself on the muddy edge of a quiet creek.  As I rested, I was thrilled to see a real beaver swimming by!  As I watched him putter along, I thought about how my wife Jessie would love to see such a cool critter, especially after the wild and crazy week that she had just had working at our local science museum.  I realized that beavers, nature, and noisy museums would all be excellent parts of a story, so I decided to create one!  After about an hour of thinking up the story, it wouldn't all fit in my head anymore.  I had to jump up and run back to my truck to write it all down!  I still have those old truck notes!


Sarah Grace, Super Geek:  Rocks Rock!

Coming Fall 2020!