Frequently Asked Questions

.What is Worth Learning?
Worth Learning is an education provider that specializes in unique and engaging scientific experiences. We tailor our classes to meet the educational needs of your students. We also make sure every lab is uniquely matched to the age of your learners. We are a mobile science program which means we can set up our classes just about anywhere. We have worked in gyms, preschool classrooms, public libraries, parks, backyards and school classrooms.

What age/grade are your programs designed for?
We have content available for ages 3 & up. We can design classes specifically for younger ages as well.

Do you teach adults too?
Absolutely! We specialize in rich content, and the enjoyment of that knows no age limit.

Do you teach science to homeschoolers?
Yes, we love to explore with other homeschool students and groups, and are happy to provide regular hands on lab activities to support your local homeschool students (see below for pricing). Working with your homeschool groups also allows us to meet at your site or at relevant learning sites for deeper and more meaningful instruction. 

How far does Worth Learning travel for programming?
We serve all of Tarrant County as well as any county that borders Tarrant County. 

How much do Worth Learning programs cost?
Programming is $150.00 per hour. We can book fractional hours. We can invoice, run your credit card or accept check the day of your programming.


How much does Worth Learning Science Club cost?
Science Club is $39 per month per member.

​How long do meetings last?
Each Science Club meeting lasts one hour. The hour begins 5 minutes after the dismissal bell.

How are dues paid?
​They are paid online through our subscription to Science Club.

What do members need to bring to meetings?
Nothing. The faciltator will deliver all the materials and specimens needed for the meeting. But, if a member has a unique artifact or specimen they would like to share they are welcome to bring it.

Can we just try out a meeting to see if we like it?
Sure, just fill out the registration form and come on in.

Do labs have specimens that members might be allergic to?
Yes from time to time there are specimens that someone could be allergic to. Students with allergies are of course welcome to join Science Club. Please make sure that both the member and the facilitator are aware of what items may trigger a reaction.

Are snacks served?

Where are students dismissed from?
​From the front of the school.