Payment Set Up

Set Up Science Club Payment 

If you have already submitted a registration - in person or online please continue to this payment set up.

If you have NOT done a registration click here to set up both.


Payment will set up 2 installments. This will cover Science Club for the                                                                           
for the months April & May. 

PayPal will debit your account for the amount you selected and process
the payment the same date each month.
For Example: If you set up your payment September 3rd PayPal will debit
 your account Jan 3rd, Feb 3rd, March 3rd, etc.

If PayPal is unable to debit your payment they will contact you and it will be
your responsibility to correct the issue before PayPal makes a second        
attempt 5 days later. Most often this happens when a card on file needs to
be updated due to expiration.


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Who are you paying for?
What school do they attend?

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