How do I get Worth Learning Inc to start Science Club at my campus?


  • Science Club is designed for students K - 8. 
  • Science Club is funded through our membership dues from the students that sign up.
  • A club needs 14 students to get it going. We provide the flyers and announcements to be shared on your campus to get students excited about Science Club. 
  • Our membership fee is paid monthly. We handle all of the payment process. 
  • It is $44 per month for members. 


  • Science Club Start Up includes all the information for getting the word out to your students and parents about Science Club. We design the program at no cost to your school!
  • We can work in the space you have available. All we need is an invitation to come to your school and we provide the rest.
  • We bring materials, specimens and the staff to manage and teach the labs. ​​
  • We visit weekly on whatever day of the week works best with your campus.
  • Do you work with an after school program that would like to have a Science Club offering to students? Worth Learning can work within your format to do just that!

Print the Science Club Proposal

This proposal is to help administrators have the details about our program. 

If you have more questions we would love to schedule a meeting at your school to help provide any additional details. 

Content Based

  • Science Club Lessons are designed and written by our teachers that bring 15+ years of informal education experience, as well as a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. 
  • We design our labs around the 10 lowest performing TEKS from the previous years 5th grade STAAR test results.
  • We can also design additional labs for your Science Club around content that students on your campus need support in. 

Science Club - What it's all about